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The Donna Street Community Center (DSCC) 501c3 is a community led non-profit organization that serves high-risk Black and Latinx youth ages 8-20, in and around the greater Las Vegas metropolitan and surrounding areas, with emphasis on West Las Vegas.

The mission of DSCC is to strengthen lives and communities by providing a social emotional, social science, humanities and performing arts based learning program, within a safe environment, for high risk youth, unlocking the creative potential and dreams to shift the trajectory of their lives in a highly impactful way.

The vision of DSCC is to provide a supportive infrastructure that strengthens communities by providing high-risk youth with the framework to build and/or create their vision, establish and/or support their dreams and unlocks their potential while contributing to the professional advancement of the arts as they actively serve, and enrich the lives of others.

Currently the organization serves juvenile justice impacted youth that come from the following
geographic areas:

West Las Vegas - 89032/ 89101/ 89016;

South Las Vegas – 89113/ 89141/ 89123
East Las Vegas – 89142/ 89014/ 89015;

North Las Vegas – 89030/ 89106/ 89107/ 89033 / 89128

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